Suppressing Event Callbacks for a GemFire XD Connection

When you manage a cached RDBMS with GemFire XD, you may occasionally need to modify table data without triggering a configured AsyncEventListener (including DBSynchronizer) or cache plug-in implementation. GemFire XD provides the skip-listeners connection property to disable DML event propagation for a particular connection to the GemFire XD cluster.

You can use the skip-listeners property with either a peer client or a thin client connection. When you set the property to "true," GemFire XD does not send DML events that are generated by the connection to a configured DBSynchronizer, AsyncEventListener, or cache plug-in (writer or listener) implementation.

Note: Setting this property to true does not affect WAN replication using a configured gateway sender. GemFire XD always propagates DML operations to an enabled WAN site.
For example:
Properties props = new Properties();
   final Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:gemfirexd:", props);
Or, adding the property directly to the connection string:
final Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:gemfirexd:;skip-listeners=true");