Prerequisites for WAN Replication

Note these prerequisites for configuring and using replication between two GemFire XD clusters.

To use WAN replication between multiple GemFire XD clusters:
  • Each GemFire XD distributed system that participates in WAN replication must use one or more locators for member discovery. WAN replication is not supported with multicast discovery.
  • WAN deployments increase the messaging demands on a GemFire XD system. To avoid hangs related to WAN messaging, always set conserve-sockets to false for GemFire XD members that participate in a WAN deployment.
  • Tables that are WAN-enabled must be present in each distributed system that you want to connect.
  • You can configure both partitioned tables and replicated tables to use a gateway sender. However, you must create replicated tables in the same server groups as the gateway sender(s) that you specify in the CREATE TABLE statement.
  • Each GemFire XD member that hosts a gateway receiver must have a hostname that can be used to reach that member over the WAN. You can specify a WAN address that is different from the local network address when you start the GemFire XD member. See Create a Gateway Receiver.
  • You must start the entire WAN system before you populate tables with data. This is required so that the WAN sites can remain in sync from the very beginning. Failing to do this causes exceptions during data update operations.

See also Limitations of Multi-Site Replication.