Installing the GemFire XD ADO.NET Entity Framework Plug-in

The GemFire XD installation provides an installation program to install and register the Entity Framework plug-in.


Before you install or use the GemFire XD.NET Entity Framework plug-in, you must install:
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with Service Pack 1
  • The Microsoft Visual Studio Hotfix for KB2561001.
    Note: This hotfix is required to fix a potential data corruption problem that can occur in Entity Designer when you change an entity's StoreGeneratedPattern attribute value. See Microsoft Support Article 2561001 for more information. After you apply the patch, the version string for Visual Studio (viewed in the properties sheet for the file) 10.0.40219.335. See the GemFire XD Release Notes for related information about this hotfix.


To install the GemFire XD.NET Entity Framework plug-in:
  1. Go to the \dotnet subdirectory of your GemFire XD installation. (For example, c:\gfxd-dir\dotnet).
  2. Double-click the GemFire_XD_EntityFramework_X.X.X.msi file. (For example, GemFire_XD_EntityFramework_1.4.1.msi.)
  3. Click Next to begin the installation.
  4. Select an installation directory or accept the default, then click Next.
  5. Click Next to confirm your choice. The installer begins installing files and prompts you to install GemFire XD Design-Time Support for available environments:

  6. Select the Visual Studio 2010 environment, and click Close.
  7. After the installation completes, click Close to exit the installer.