This section lists the APIs supported by the Progress DataDirect ODBC driver for GemFire XD 1.4.1.

Note: For information about ODBC API support provided by the ODBC driver for GemFire XD 1.4.0, see the GemFire XD 1.4.0 Reference Documentation.

The Progress DataDirect ODBC driver is ODBC Level 1 compliant (supports all ODBC Core and Level 1 functions). It also supports a subset of Level 2 functions.

For a complete list of supported ODBC functions, see "ODBC Compliance" and "ODBC API and Scalar Functions" in the documentation that is installed with the Progress DataDirect ODBC driver. The main documentation is installed to path_to_install_location/help/GemFireXDHelp/index.html. See also Installing the Progress DataDirect ODBC Driver for Linux.