Deciding When to Use Replicated Tables

Code tables are often good candidates for replication.

Application data is frequently normalized to maintain "code" fields in "fact" tables, and to maintain the details associated with each "code" in an associated "dimension" table. Code tables are often small and change infrequently, but they are frequently joined with their parent "fact" table in queries. Code tables of this sort are good candidates for using replicated tables.

Also note that this version of GemFire XD supports joins only on co-located data. Instead of using partitioning in all cases, you should consider having applications replicate smaller tables that are joined with other partitioned tables.

Note: If multiple applications update the same row of a replicated table at the same time outside of a transaction, the table data can become out of sync when GemFire XD replicates those updates. Keep this limitation in mind when using replicated tables.