GemFire XD Member JVM Owner

The term JVM owner refers to the authorization identifier of the user who booted the GemFire XD member JVM. If you enable or plan to enable SQL authorization, controlling the identity of the JVM owner becomes important.

If a member is started without supplying a user (only possible if authentication is not enabled), the JVM owner is set to the default authorization identifier, "APP", which is also the name of the default schema.

The JVM owner has automatic SQL level permissions when SQL authorization is enabled, and can grant access to any database objects using the GRANT command. See Configuring User Authorization for more information.

Attention: The JVM owner cannot be changed after the GemFire XD member starts. Instead, you must stop the member and then restart it using different user credentials. If you plan to run with SQL authorization enabled, start new GemFire XD members as the user that you want to be the JVM owner.