Create Distributed System Users

Create user accounts to protect database resources.

To define distributed system users, you must first connect to a GemFire XD system and then execute a system procedure to create a user account.

Note: To create the first user account, log in using an established GemFire XD system user. After creating a distributed system user, you can connect and assign database privileges using the new account.
For example:
connect peer 'locators=localhost:10334;mcast-port=0;user=SB;auth-provider=BUILTIN;gemfirexd.user.SB=PSB;password=PSB';
call sys.create_user('gemfirexd.user.newuser', 'newpassword');
After creating one or more distributed system user accounts, you can use those credentials, instead of a system user credential, to connect to GemFire XD:
connect client 'localhost:10334;user=newuser;password=newpassword';

Use distributed system user accounts with the GRANT and REVOKE statements to manage access to database resources. See Configuring User Authorization.