Specify the Server Working Directory

As a best practice, create a dedicated directory for each server that stores GemFire XD log and status files.

Never move the working directory for a GemFire XD server or locator while the member is running.
Never delete or modify GemFire XD persistence files, or move the files from the member working directory.
Both the gfxd server command and FabricServer interface use a working directory to read input configuration files and to write log files, disk store files, and the server status file. By default, a new GemFire XD server reads or creates files in the directory from which you run the gfxd server command or execute the FabricServer.start method (the server working directory). As a best practice, create a dedicated directory for each server and specify the working directory for the server at startup using the dir option at boot time. For example:
mkdir server1
gfxd server start -dir=./server1

Input configuration properties can be defined in a properties file, specified as command-line options to the gfxd server command, or specified as Java system properties using the -property_name=property_value syntax. You can also rely on default property values for many aspects of the configuration. GemFire XD uses different conventions for defining properties in each location. See Configuration Properties.