Define Server Groups

Each server that you start with the gfxd server command is configured to host data by default and is automatically added to the default server group. As you create partitioned or replicated tables in your cluster, you will also want to configure servers to participate in different server groups to control where table data is distributed.

Server groups enable you to logically group GemFire XD peers and servers for managing table data. When you start a GemFire XD server, you specify one or more server group names for the server using the -server-groups option. For example:
gfxd server start -dir=./server1 -server-groups=servergroup1,servergroup2

If you use the FabricServer interface in a Java application, specify the server-groups boot property when you start the server.

After starting servers in multiple server groups, you can specify the target groups for partitioned or replicated tables in the CREATE TABLE statement for those tables. See Server Groups Overview.