Installation Note for Pivotal HD Customers and Evaluators

GemFire XD is provided as a Pivotal HD installable component, for use with the Pivotal Command Center CLI (Command Line Interface) installer. The CLI installation process installs multiple instances of GemFire XD on different servers, along with HDFS, MapReduce, and other components you choose to install.

This release of GemFire XD is available for download only from the Pivotal HD Download page as part of Pivotal HD Enterprise or the Pivotal HD Single Node VM. The VM distribution includes full installations of Pivotal HD and GemFire XD, and includes scripts that you can use to easily start and begin evaluating the products. See the Pivotal HD documentation for instructions to install Pivotal HD and GemFire XD on multiple computers or VMs.

You can optionally download the GemFire XD ODBC driver distribution to develop ODBC client applications. The ODBC driver is provided as a separate downloadable file, Pivotal_GemFireXD_10_b45971_ODBC.tar.gz. See Installing and Configuring the ODBC Driver for instructions.

Note for Beta Customers

If you participated in the GemFire XD Beta program, please note that installing the GemFire XD 1.0 automatically uninstalls the previous Beta software. Any GemFire XD persistence files that were created using the Beta product are left in place. However, beta persistence files are not supported with the GA release of the product.

As a best practice, Pivotal recommends that you manually uninstall the Beta product and remove Beta persistence files before you install GemFire XD 1.0.