Main Steps

The tutorial is divided into the following steps, which explain how to set up a cluster of GemFire XD servers on multiple Java VMs and then distribute data across the cluster. Perform the steps in the sequence shown.

Step Description
Step 1 Create a GemFire XD Cluster
Step 2 Connect to the Cluster Using GFXD and Pulse
Step 3 Create Replicated Tables and Execute Queries
Step 4 Implement a Partitioning Strategy
Step 5 Persist Tables to Disk
Step 6 Add Servers to the Cluster and Stop Servers
Step 7 Persist Tables to Hadoop
Step 8 Query HDFS Tables with HAWQ
Note: In addition to the tutorials, GemFire XD includes a standalone MapReduce example that you can run to process HDFS data in a MapReduce job. The MapReduce example does not use or build upon the above tutorial steps. See MapReduce Example.


Install GemFire XD on your local computer as described in Installing GemFire XD.