ProcedureExecutionContext is a context object that can be passed into a PROCEDURE by declaring it as an argument in the static method implementation.

These methods are provided in this context interface:

Method Description
getFilter() Returns the where clause as String for this execution or null if it was not there.
getTableName() Returns the table name in the format "schemaName.tableName" if this procedure was executed with an ON TABLE clause, or null otherwise.
getColocatedTableNames() Returns an array of colocated tables in this server in the format "schemaName.tableName". If this procedure was not called with an ON TABLE clause, then this method returns null.
getProcedureName() Return the name of this procedure.
getConnection() A "nested" JDBC connection that can be used by the procedure to execute SQL.
isPossibleDuplicate() Return true if this is a re-attempt occurring after a member of the distributed system has failed. For some procedure implementations that are doing write operations, special handling may be necessary if this is a possible duplicate invocation on this data.
isPartitioned(String tableName) Returns true if the specified table is a partitioned table, false if it is a replicated table.
getOutgoingResultSet(int resultSetNumber) Create and return an empty container for an output result set. resultSetNumber is the index to assign to this result set as one of the result sets declared for this procedure.