Display Running Gateway Senders

The SYS.GATEWAYSENDERS system table displays the configuration properties of all gateway senders you have configured in the GemFire XD distributed system. You can execute queries against SYS.GATEWAYSENDERS and other system tables to display running gateway sender instances.

The following query shows information about all members that are currently running a gateway sender instance:
gfxd> select m.id, m.netservers, g.sender_id, g.server_groups from sys.members m, sys.gatewaysenders g 
> where groupsintersect(m.servergroups, g.server_groups);
ID                              |NETSERVERS               |SENDER_ID|SERVER_GROUPS
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<v4>:19974|localhost/[1529]|C2SENDER |WANGROUP<v6>:48326|localhost/[1528]|C2SENDER |WANGROUP     

2 rows selected