Configure Member Join Redundancy Recovery for a Partitioned Table

Configure how redundancy is recovered for partitioned tables after a member joins the distributed system.

Use the gemfirexd.default-startup-recovery-delay system property to specify member join redundancy recovery.

startup-recovery-delay partition attribute Effect following a member join
-1 No automatic recovery of redundancy after a new member comes online. If you use this and the default-recovery-delay set to -1 (the default), you can recover redundancy only by kicking off rebalancing through a call to SYS.REBALANCE_ALL_BUCKETS.
long greater than or equal to 0 Number of milliseconds to wait after a member joins before recovering redundancy. The default is 0 (zero), which causes immediate redundancy recovery whenever a new partitioned table host joins.

Setting gemfirexd.default-startup-recovery-delay to a value higher than the default of 0 allows multiple new members to join before redundancy recovery begins. With the multiple members present during recovery, the system will spread redundancy recovery among them. With no delay, if multiple members are started in close succession, the system may choose only the first member started for most or all of the redundancy recovery.

Note: Satisfying redundancy is not the same as adding capacity. If redundancy is satisfied, new members do not take buckets until you invoke a rebalance.