Installation Note for Pivotal HD Customers

GemFire XD is also provided as a Pivotal HD installable component, for use with the Pivotal Command Center CLI (Command Line Interface) installer. The CLI installation process installs multiple instances of GemFire XD on different servers, along with HDFS, MapReduce, and other components you choose to install.

If you purchased GemFire XD as a component of Pivotal HD Enterprise, or you intend to install GemFire XD and Pivotal HD Enterprise on the same systems, see the Pivotal HD Installation and Administration Guide for instructions to install GemFire XD.

After the CLI installation, the GemFire XD software is installed in the /usr/lib/gphd/Pivotal_GemFireXD_130 directory on each of the hosts that you specified in the clusterConfig.xml file. You can verify the GemFire XD installation on each machine by logging in (either locally or using ssh) and then executing the command:
$ gfxd version
GemFireXD product directory: /usr/lib/gphd/Pivotal_GemFireXD_130
Java version:   1.3.0 build 48613 08/14/2014 17:18:48 PDT javac 1.6.0_26
Native version: 1.0 build 45646 01/23/2014 15:00:30 PST optimized i386 Linux 2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.x86_64
Running on: hostname/ip-address, 1 cpu(s), amd64 Linux 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64

Post-Install Configuration for Pivotal Command Center CLI Installations

Although the GemFire XD software is installed on each machine, you must perform additional steps to configure and run GemFire XD member(s) on each machine:

  1. Follow the instructions in Steps to Plan and Configure a GemFire XD Deployment to configure one or more GemFire XD members on each machine, and to start those members in a new distributed system.
  2. If you configured Kerberos for security with Pivotal HD, follow the instructions in Configuration Requirements for Secure HDFS to ensure that your GemFire XD members can authenticate with Pivotal HD and persist table data in HDFS.
  3. If you intend to use HAWQ to to access data from HDFS-persistent GemFire XD tables, follow the instructions in Using HAWQ to Access HDFS Table Data to ensure that the Pivotal Extension Framework (PXF) includes the gemfirexd.jar library in its list of dependencies.