Perform Additional Tasks

After you complete the GemFire XD tutorial, you can perform related tutorial tasks to explore other areas of the product.

Explore the toursDB Database

The example toursDB database manages information about air transportation for scheduling flights. If you need quick access to a database to use when trying GemFire XD features, toursDB DDL and data script sare available in the quickstart directory. To view the toursDB schema, view the toursdb_readme.html file in the quickstart subdirectory.

Explore the MapReduce API

In addition to the tutorials, GemFire XD includes a standalone MapReduce example that you can run to process HDFS data in an example MapReduce job. See MapReduce Example.

Explore GemFire XD Language Extensions

The tutorial introduces the basics of partitioning, replication, and perisistence using simple modifications to the toursDB DDL. See Statements to begin learning about other features that are implemented in GemFire XD DDL. You can copy and modify the create_colocated_schema.sql as necessary to implement new features.