java.sql.Connection Interface

A GemFire XD Connection object is not garbage-collected until all other JDBC objects created from that connection are explicitly closed or are themselves garbage-collected. Once the connection is closed, no further JDBC requests can be made against objects created from the connection. Do not explicitly close the Connection object until you no longer need it for executing statements.

A session-severity or higher exception causes the connection to close and all other JDBC objects against it to be closed.

java.sql.Connection.setTransactionIsolation Method

Only java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_NONE, and java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED transaction isolation levels are available in GemFire XD.

TRANSACTION_NONE is the default isolation level.

Changing the current isolation for the connection with setTransactionIsolation commits the current transaction and begins a new transaction.

Note: Special Note on TRANSACTION_NONE

GemFire XD provides atomicity and thread safety for row-level operations even in TRANSACTION_NONE isolation level.

For more details about transaction isolation, see Transactions and Concurrency.

Connection Functionality Not Supported

java.sql.Connection.setReadOnly and isReadOnly methodsRead-only connections are not supported in GemFire XD. Calling setReadOnly with a value of true throws a "Feature not supported" exception, and isReadOnly always returns false.

Connections to XA DataSources (javax.sql.XADataSource) are not supported in this release of GemFire XD.

GemFire XD does not use catalog names. In addition, the following optional methods raise "Feature not supported" exceptions: