Describes the configuration of gateway senders in GemFire XD WAN deployments.

See CREATE GATEWAYSENDER for more information about individual columns.

Table 1. GATEWAYSENDERS system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
SENDER_ID VARCHAR 128 No The unique identifier of a gateway sender.
REMOTE_DS_ID INTEGER 10 No The ID of the remote GemFire XD distributed system to which the sender sends DML events.
SERVER_GROUPS VARCHAR 32672 No The server group(s) on which the gateway sender is installed.
SOCKET_BUFFER_SIZE INTEGER 10 No The buffer size in bytes for the socket connection used by this gateway sender.
MANUAL_START BOOLEAN 1 No Specifies whether you need to manually start the gateway sender with SYS.START_GATEWAYSENDER.
SOCKET_READ_TIMEOUT INTEGER 10 No The amount of time in milliseconds that this gateway sender blocks while waiting to receive an acknowledgment from a remote site.
BATCH_CONFLATION BOOLEAN 1 No Indicates whether GemFire XD should conflate messages for this sender.
BATCH_SIZE INTEGER 10 No The maximum number of messages that a batch can contain for this sender.
BATCH_TIME_INTERVAL INTEGER 10 No The maximum number of milliseconds that can elapse between sending batches to the sender.
IS_PERSISTENCE BOOLEAN 1 No Indicates whether GemFire XD persists the sender event queue to disk for high availability.
DISK_STORE_NAME VARCHAR 32672 Yes The name of a disk store to use for persisting the sender event queue.
MAX_QUEUE_MEMORY INTEGER 10 No The maximum amount of memory in megabytes that the queue can consume before overflowing to disk.
ALERT_THRESHOLD INTEGER 10 No The maximum number of milliseconds that an event can remain in this queue before GemFire XD logs an alert.
IS_STARTED BOOLEAN 1 No Indicates whether the sender is currently running. A 0 value indicates false, while a 1 value indicates true.