A GemFire XD virtual table that stores query execution plans and timing information for SQL statements executed with the EXPLAIN command (or for statements executed on a connection that enables query plans and statistics collection with SYSCS_UTIL.SET_EXPLAIN_CONNECTION and/or SYSCS_UTIL.SET_STATISTICS_TIMING).

See Evaluating Query Execution Plans.
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
STMT_ID CHAR 36 No The unique ID of the SQL statement.
STMT_NAME VARCHAR 128 Yes The name of the statement (if one is available).
STMT_TYPE CHAR 3 No A character that indicates type of SQL statement that was executed:
  • C—CALL
  • DDL—Data Definition Language (such as CREATE TABLE)
  • SA—SELECT (Approximate), or blank, indicating that the statement was a comment.
STMT_TEXT VARCHAR 32672 No The full text of the SQL statement.
JVM_ID VARCHAR 32672 No The ID of the virtual machine.
OS_IDENTIFIER VARCHAR 32672 No The operating system identifier, taken from the os.home system variable.
CURRENT_MEMBER_ID VARCHAR 128 No The ID of the GemFire XD member executing the statement.
ORIGIN_MEMBER_ID VARCHAR 128 No The ID of the GemFire XD member that originated the statement.
LOCALLY_EXECUTED CHAR 6 No "True" if the statement was executed locally, or "False" if the statement was executed on a remote GemFire XD member.
XPLAIN_MODE CHAR 1 Yes The explain mode used to collect the plan. "F" indicates full mode and "O" indicates explain only mode.
XPLAIN_TIME TIMESTAMP 1 Yes A timestamp for the explain statement. You can use this value if statistics timing was not enabled.
XPLAIN_THREAD_ID VARCHAR 32672 No The identifier of the thread that was running when the statement was captured.
TRANSACTION_ID VARCHAR 32672 No The internal transaction identifier.
SESSION_ID VARCHAR 32672 No The internal identifier of the session that was active when this statement was executed.
DATABASE_NAME VARCHAR 128 No The name of the database that was used when this statement was executed.
DRDA_ID VARCHAR 32672 Yes In a network environment, this column contains an internal identifier for the network connection that was active when this statement was captured. In an embedded environment, this column is NULL.
TIMING_ID CHAR 36 Yes This field is NULL unless SYSCS_UTIL.SET_STATISTICS_TIMING has been called to enable statistics timing. If statistics timings are being captured, then this column contains the ID of the row in SYSXPLAIN_STATEMENT_TIMINGS, which records the statement timing.