Configure Member Crash Redundancy Recovery for a Partitioned Table

Configure how redundancy is recovered in a partitioned table after a member crashes.

You can use the default-recovery-delay boot property to specify a crash redundancy recovery period for all tables, or use the RECOVERYDELAY clause with CREATE TABLE to specify a recovery delay for a specific table. When you specify a recovery delay, GemFire XD automatically recovers redundancy afer some period of time following a member failure.

default-recovery-delay boot property Effect following a member failure
-1 No automatic recovery of redundancy following a member failure, unless the table was created with the RECOVERYDELAY clause. This is the default.
long greater than or equal to 0 Number of milliseconds to wait after a member failure before recovering redundancy.

By default, redundancy is not recovered after a member crashes, unless a new member joins the system. If you expect to quickly restart most crashed members, use this default setting with member join redundancy recovery to help you avoid unnecessary data shuffling while members are down. By waiting for lost members to rejoin, redundancy recovery is done using the newly-started members and partitioning is better balanced with less processing.

As an alternative, you can use the default setting for default-recovery-delay while specifying a RECOVERYDELAY interval only for specific tables. See PARTITION BY Clause.