Installing GemFire XD

You can install GemFire for production use from a downloaded RPM file (RHEL only) or from a downloaded ZIP file (Windows or RHEL). Pivotal also provides a Debian package and Homebrew packages for development with Ubuntu and Mac OSX. The following sections describe how to install the standalone GemFire XD product using a downloaded RPM file, ZIP file, Debian package, or Homebrew package.

Note: If you purchased GemFire XD as a component of Pivotal HD, refer to the Pivotal GemFire XD 1.3.1 Release Notes and Pivotal HD Installation and Administration Guide for all installation instructions. Then follow the instructions in Installation Note for Pivotal HD Customers to configure the GemFire XD service.
Note: GemFire XD requires Pivotal HD Enterprise 2.1 for all Hadoop integration features, regardless of the installation option you choose.