Pivotal.Data.GemFireXD.GFXDException is a concrete extension of the ADO.NET's abstract System.Data.Common.DbException exception class that is thrown when executing a SQL command or invocation of the ADO.NET API methods.

An object of this class cannot be constructed externally.

The driver attempts to preserve the full stack-trace of the exception as far as possible. However, because this driver is based on the underlying GemFire XD JDBC driver (with IKVM technology), it is not always possible to provide proper StackTraceElements for the stack. In this case the stack is appended into the message string of the GFXDException as simple lines of strings.

Methods and properties

The MSDN documentation for DbException provides additional information.

Method or property name Description
ErrorCode Returns an implementation-specific integer for the error. In GemFire XD this indicates the severity level of the exception. The values have the same interpretations as the integer value of the Severity enumeration.
NextException When multiple exceptions are thrown during execution of a method in the GemFire XD system, the top-level exception usually denotes the overall failure while the individual exceptions are chained using this property that returns the next GFXDException in the chain.
Severity Returns an enumeration GFXDSeverity having the following values:
  • Undefined (int: -1). No specific severity level was specified, or there was no applicable severity.
  • NoneApplicable (int: 0). Occurs only when the system was unable to determine the severity.
  • Warning (int: 10000). Associated with SQL warnings.
  • Statement (int: 20000). Associated with errors that cause only the current statement to be aborted.
  • Transaction (int: 30000). Associated with those errors that cause the current transaction to be aborted.
  • Session (int: 40000). Associated with errors that cause the current connection to be closed.
  • Database (int: 45000). Associated with errors that cause the current database to be closed.
  • System (int: 50000). Associated with internal errors that cause the system to shut down.
State SQL state associated with this exception. This is a five character string that is a code for the thrown exception. It corresponds to SQLState of the SQLException in JDBC. See Exception Messages and SQL States.