Using Additional Boot Properties

The gfxd server command uses command-line arguments to configure most boot properties for GemFire XD servers. You can specify a number of additional GemFire XD properties to configure different aspects of the distributed system.

You pass additional properties to the script as "-key=value" pairs on the command line, where the key corresponds to a valid GemFire XD property. Or, you can define parameter values in a properties file that the gfxd server command reads at runtime. By default, the server reads input configuration properties from a file named in the working directory. You can specify a different configuration file by using the property at boot time.

You can use supported configuration properties either with the gfxd server command or the FabricServer interface in Java applications. You can also specify the properties as JDBC connection properties when you start a peer client using the JDBC peer driver as described in Connecting Java Clients and Peers.

Configuration Properties describes all available configuration properties.