Connecting to a GemFire XD Distributed System

Use GemFire XD.NET Designer to create, modify and delete connections to GemFire XD distributed systems.


Before you follow this procedure:


To connect to a GemFire XD system:
  1. Start Visual Studio 2010.
  2. Select View > Server Explorer to open the Server Explorer window.
  3. Right-click the Data Connections node and choose Add Connection.... to display the Add Connection dialog.
  4. On the Add Connection window:
    1. Click Change... to change the data source.
    2. Click <other> in the Data source: list.
    3. Select .NET Framework Data Provider for GemFire XD from the Data provider drop-down list:

    4. Click OK to select the provider. The GemFire XD provider is now selected in the Connection Properties dialog:

    5. In the Server field, enter the address and port number (separated by a column) of the GemFire XD locator or server to use for connecting to the distributed system. For example, the above screenshot shows a connection to localhost:1527. Click Test Connection to verify that you can connect, then click OK to dismiss the test connection and Add Connection dialog boxes.

      A GemFire XD node is added to the Data Connections node. You can expand the node and its contents to browse the tables and views in the default schema:

The connection settings are saved for future use. You can use the saved connection to design or edit tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, constraints, views, and triggers.