Using GemFire XD.NET

GemFire XD.NET provides both a Visual Studio 2010 design-time component (Designer) and an ADO.NET Entity Framework plug-in.

The GemFire XD.NET Designer component enables you to add GemFire XD databases to the Server Explorer list in Visual Studio 2010, design queries with the Query Designer, drag-and-drop tables onto a typed DataSet, and so forth. The Designer component also enables you to create and edit GemFire XD schemas directly in Visual Studio 2010. See Using GemFire XD.NET Designer.

The ADO.NET Entity Framework plug-in enables you to issue queries using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ), and then retrieve and manipulate data as strongly-typed objects using C# or VB.NET. See Using the GemFire XD.NET Entity Framework Plug-In.