GemFire XD SQL types are mapped to corresponding values in the GFXDType enumeration.

Also listed are the corresponding mapping of the ADO.NET's System.Data.DbType enumeration type and the corresponding .NET type of the object that will be returned by default in query results or that should be passed as parameter values for a column or expression having that SQL type.

Additional information about the SQL types and their mapping to the ADO.NET API is described in GemFire XD Data Types in ADO.NET.

Table 1. SQL types to GFXDType mapping
SQL type GFXDType System.Data.DbType .NET object type
BIGINT Long Int64 long
BLOB Blob Binary byte[]
CHAR Char String string
CHAR FOR BIT DATA Binary Binary byte[]
CLOB Clob String string
DATE Date Date System.DateTime (use Date property to get the date portion)
DECIMAL Decimal Decimal decimal
DOUBLE Double Double double
DOUBLE PRECISION Double Double double
FLOAT Float Double double
INTEGER Integer Int32 int
LONG VARCHAR LongVarChar String string
LONG VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA LongVarBinary Binary byte[]
NUMERIC Numeric Decimal decimal
REAL Real Single float
SMALLINT Short Int16 short
TIME Time Time System.DateTime (use TimeOfDay property to get the time portion)
TIMESTAMP TimeStamp DateTime System.DateTime
VARCHAR VarChar String string
VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA VarBinary Binary byte[]