GemFire XD Data Types in ADO.NET

There is a one-to-one mapping between GemFire XD Data Types and corresponding values in the Pivotal.Data.GemFireXD.GFXDType enumeration.

Table 1 describes the mapping. Also listed there are the corresponding System.Data.DbType enumeration values and the mapped .NET object types. For easy manipulation of .NET objects, the driver allows you to provide the objects directly as parameter values to the Parameters collection of the DbCommand object, and the driver automatically determines applicable attributes for the corresponding DbParameter. Likewise the driver automatically fills in the output parameters with appropriate size and other attributes when invoking procedures with OUT or INOUT type of parameters. For details and examples, see Named and positional parameters in commands.

Data Types describes the various types supported by GemFire XD and also lists the corresponding ADO.NET types and API methods of DbDataReader to use when using the ADO.NET driver.

Note: You cannot register a custom .NET type as a user-defined type in GemFire XD.