(Not supported in this release.) Upgrades disk stores to the current version of GemFire XD.


Note: The upgrade-disk-store command is not supported in this release of GemFire XD. The GemFire XD upgrade process automatically loads and upgrades disk store files that were created with SQLFire 1.1.1 and 1.1.2, so manual disk store upgrade is not necessary and is not supported. See Upgrading GemFire XD.
gfxd upgrade-disk-store
  <diskStoreName> <directory>+ [-maxOpLogSize=<value>] 
Option Description
diskStoreName Required. The name of the offline disk store to upgrade.
directory Required. One or more directories where data for the disk store was written.
-maxOpLogSize The maximum size (in megabytes) of the oplogs created by the upgrade. The default size is 1GB.
--J Arguments passed to the Java Virtual Machine that performs the upgrade operation.


See Upgrading GemFire XD for information about how to upgrade to the latest version GemFire XD. Use the gfxd upgrade-disk-store command only if the upgrade documentation states that you need to manually upgrade disk store files.

Disk stores must be offline in order to upgrade them with gfxd upgrade-disk-store. If the disk store is large, you may need to allocate additional memory to the process using the --J=-Xmx parameter.

Your distributed system contains default disk stores, and it may also contain additional disk stores that were defined using the CREATE DISKSTORE statement. Specify the full path to each disk store that you want to upgrade in multiple invocations of the gfxd upgrade-disk-store command. GemFire XD creates default disk stores in each GemFire XD server or locator directory, as well as in the /datadictionary subdirectory of each GemFire XD server or locator directory. Custom disk stores can be created in a different directory, as specified in the CREATE DISKSTORE command.


This command upgrades a single disk store with files in two directories:

gfxd upgrade-disk-store myDiskStore /firstDir /secondDir