Creates a gateway sender to replicate data to a remote GemFire XD cluster.


  REMOTEDSID integer-constant
  [ SOCKETBUFFERSIZE integer-constant ]
  [ SOCKETREADTIMEOUT integer-constant ]
  [ MANUALSTART boolean-constant ]
  [ ENABLEBATCHCONFLATION boolean-constant ]
  [ BATCHSIZE integer-constant ]
  [ BATCHTIMEINTERVAL integer-constant ]
  [ ENABLEPERSISTENCE boolean-constant ]
  [ DISKSTORENAME disk-name ]
  [ MAXQUEUEMEMORY integer-constant ]
  [ ALERTTHRESHOLD integer-constant ]
  SERVER GROUPS ( server_group_name [, server_group_name] * )
A unique identifier for the gateway sender.
An integer that uniquely identifies the remote GemFire XD cluster to which this gateway sender will send table DML operations. You must associate this remote GemFire XD cluster with the local GemFire XD cluster when you start the locator(s) for the local cluster. See Configure Locators for WAN Member Discovery.
An integer value that sets the buffer size in bytes of the socket connection for this gateway sender. If you supply a null value, GemFire XD uses the default of 32768 bytes.
The amount of time in milliseconds that this gateway sender blocks while waiting to receive an acknowledgment from a remote site. The default value is 10000 milliseconds.
A boolean value that specifies whether you need to manually start the gateway sender. If you supply a null value, the default is "false" and the gateway sender attempts to start automatically. Use SYS.START_GATEWAYSENDER to manually start a sender.
A Boolean value that determines whether GemFire XD should conflate messages. The default is false.
GemFire XD creates an internal queue where it stores the events that are eventually dispatched to a configured gateway senders. Multiple events are dispatched in batches, and the BATCHSIZE parameter defines the maximum number of messages that a batch can contain. The default is 100 messages. This parameter, along with BATCHTIMEINTERVAL, determine the frequency with which GemFire XD dispatches queued events.
The maximum number of milliseconds that can elapse between sending batches. The default is 1000 milliseconds.
A Boolean value that determines whether GemFire XD maintains a persistent copy the gateway queue in disk store files. The default is "False."
Note: GemFire XD uses disk storage for queue overflow when needed, even if you do not enable persistence for the queue.
The named disk store to use for storing the queue overflow (default), or for persisting the queue. If you specify a value, the named disk store must exist. If do not specify a value, GemFire XD uses the default disk store for queue overflow and persistence.
The maximum amount of memory in megabytes that the queue can consume before overflowing to disk. The default is 100 megabytes.
The maximum number of milliseconds that an event can remain in this gateway queue before GemFire XD logs an alert. The default is value is "0."
A comma-separated String of server group names. GemFire XD creates the gateway sender only on those GemFire XD servers and peers that are members of the specified server group(s). This parameter cannot be null.
Note: The server group names that you specify are converted to all-uppercase characters, even if you specify a quoted identifier.
Note: You can configure both partitioned tables and replicated tables to use a gateway sender. However, you must create replicated tables in the same server groups as the gateway sender(s) that you specify in the CREATE TABLE statement.


Create and start a gateway sender with persistence:

  DISKSTORENAME cluster-1-wan-store 
SERVER GROUPS (primary_sender_group);

Information for the gateway sender is added to the GATEWAYSENDERS.