A GemFire XD virtual table that contains query execution time statistics for all queries in the distributed system. GemFire XD collects statistics in this virtual table only if you enable collection using the SYS.SET_QUERYSTATS procedure.

Use SYS.SET_QUERYSTATS to enable query statistics collection in this table. See also Query Execution Times.
Table 1. QUERYSTATS system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
QUERY VARCHAR 512 No The text of the SQL statement.
MEMBERID VARCHAR 128 No The unique ID of the GemFire XD member that executed the statement.
PLAN VARCHAR 2048 No The GemFire XD optimizer trace.
Note: This field does not represent the query execution plan for the statement.
NUMINVOCATIONS INTEGER 10 No The number of times the statement was executed.
TOTALTIME BIGINT 10 No The total time spent in distributing, executing, and serializing the results of the query.
DISTRIBUTIONTIME BIGINT 10 No The time required to execute the statement on distributed system members.
SERIALIZATIONTIME BIGINT 10 No The time spent serializing result rows returned to the client.
EXECUTIONTIME BIGINT 10 No The total time spent executing this query.
ORMTIME BIGINT 10 No The length of time that the result set for the statement remains open.