A GemFire XD virtual table that stores details about active sessions with the distributed system.

Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
ID VARCHAR 128 No GemFire XD member ID.
SESSION_ID INTEGER 10 No Unique session identifier.
HOSTNAME VARCHAR 128 No Hostname on which the session is run.
SERVER_LISTENING_PORT INTEGER 10 No GemFire XD member listen port associated with the session.
USER_ID VARCHAR 128 No User name associated with the session (default is 'APP').
CLIENT_BIND_ADDRESS VARCHAR 64 No Address to which the member's network controller binds for the session.
CLIENT_BIND_PORT INTEGER 10 No Port that the member listens on for client connections.
SOCKET_CONNECTION_STATUS VARCHAR 128 No Indicates whether the session is currently connected.
SESSION_STATUS VARCHAR 128 No Indicates whether the sessions is active.
SESSION_BEGIN_TIME TIMESTAMP 10 No The time the session was created.
SESSION_INFO VARCHAR 128 No Session connection properties.
CURRENT_STATEMENT_UUID VARCHAR 1024 Yes The UUID has the components connectionID-statementID-executionID. You can use cancel a statement associated with the UUID using either SYS.CANCEL_STATEMENT or the JDBC cancel() API. See Cancelling Long-Running Statements.
CURRENT_STATEMENT VARCHAR 1024 Yes SQL statement that the session is currently executing.
CURRENT_STATEMENT_STATUS VARCHAR 32 Yes The current operation that is being performed for the SQL statement.
CURRENT_STATEMENT_ELAPSED_TIME BIGINT 10 Yes The elapsed time, in seconds, that the current statement has been active.

Use this column value to help you identify long-running queries (rather than queries that execute in under a second).

CURRENT_STATEMENT_ACCESS_FREQUENCY BIGINT 10 Yes The number of times a prepared statement has been executed.
CURRENT_STATEMENT_MEMORY_USAGE BIGINT 10 Yes The estimated memory (in bytes) that is used by the statement on the currently-connected GemFire XD member.
NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO VARCHAR 256 No Network interface load associated with the session.