Contains information about all disk stores created in the GemFire XD distributed system.


Table 1. SYSDISKSTORES system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
NAME VARCHAR 128 No The unique identifier of the disk store.
MAXLOGSIZE BIGINT 10 No The maximum size, in megabytes, of a single oplog file in the disk store.
AUTOCOMPACT CHAR 6 No Specifies whether GemFire XD automatically compacts log files in this disk store.
ALLOWFORCECOMPACTION CHAR 6 No Specifies whether the disk store permits online compaction of log files using the gfxd utility.
COMPACTIONTHRESHOLD INTEGER 10 No The threshold after which an oplog file is eligible for compaction. Specified as a percentage value from 0–100.
TIMEINTERVAL BIGINT 10 No The maximum number of milliseconds that can elapse before GemFire XD asynchronously flushes data to disk.
WRITEBUFFERSIZE INTEGER 10 No The size of the buffer GemFire XD uses to store operations when writing to the disk store.
QUEUESIZE INTEGER 10 No The maximum number of row operations that GemFire XD can asynchronously queue for writing to the disk store.
DIR_PATH_SIZE VARCHAR 32672 No The directory names that hold disk store oplog files, and the maximum size in megabytes that each directory can store.