Exporting and Importing Data with GemFire XD

You can use system procedures, gfxd commands, or Apache DdlUtils to import and export data into GemFire XD from other databases.

Note: The GemFire XD stored procedures available in the SYSCS_UTIL schema provide the highest performance for exporting and importing table data using delimited text files. Specifically, the IMPORT_DATA_EX and IMPORT_TABLE_EX procedures enable you to use multiple threads and/or to use the PUT INTO syntax for bulk importing of data. See Exporting and Importing Bulk Data from Text Files.

gfxd commands provide a convenient method for exporting, modifying, and importing database schemas and data using SQL scripts or XML-formatted files. However, for larger data sets (over several gigabytes of data) consider using the stored procedures instead for better performance. See Using GFXD Commands to Export and Import Data.

The gfxd commands are based on Apache DdlUtils, and if you are proficient with DdlUtils you can optionally use DdlUtils with Apache Ant to import and export data. See Using Apache DdlUtils to Import Data.